NO Carry-In of Alcohol

The Carry-In of Outside Alcohol is strictly prohibited. There will be no additional warnings. Outside alcohol will be confiscated and not returned. Violators may be ejected and ticketed.  Alcohol is prohibited in all Kenosha County Parks except where sold at licensed service areas and in specifically permitted picnic areas.

Grills Not Allowed

Grills are not allowed in the Beer Garden & Surrounding Park Area. The use of grills in Kenosha County Parks is limited to designated picnic areas with hot coal disposal bins. Grilling is not allowed anywhere in or around the Beer Garden or the adjacent athletic fields.

Picnic Baskets Welcome

You may bring food items and soft drinks of your choosing.  We also allow deliveries of pizzas and sandwiches. Check pavilion for take out menus. Outside Event Catering Services are Strictly Prohibited. Catering Services within the beer garden are exclusively licensed to Petrifying Springs Beer Garden LLC, please contact the Beer Garden by emailing

Seating is

All open seating at the Beer Garden is shared, make new friends! Unoccupied tables may not be reserved with table clothes or other items. Tables are for people to sit at and may not be used for buffets. A limited number of reserved tables may be booked by emailing

No Motor Vehicles

Only Official Parks & Beer Garden Vehicles may operate vehicles on service roads, pathways and lawns. All motor vehicles, motorcycles & motor scooters must remain in the paved parking lot area.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited within 100 Feet of the Beer Garden and all Park Buildings.

Last Call

Petrifying Springs Closes at 10pm – Last Call for the Beer Garden is at 9pm. Plan accordingly; you must return all beer garden glassware and be out of the park by 10pm.